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                                                                                    Alice Coachman

Medals By Tadhg


Alice Coachman was the first African American and the first American woman to win a gold medal in 1948 at the Olympics in London. She came first place in the high jump with a jump of five feet six and one-eight inches when she won her medal. She was 25 when she won her gold medal.


Her Home Town: By Cian


Alice Coachman was born in Albany, Georgia in 1923. Albany is the ninth largest city in Georgia. The population of Albany was 77,434 in 2010. Its nicknames are the Good Life City and The Artesian City. In Albany there is a school that opened on August 23rd 1999 called Alice Coachman Elementary.



Here is a picture of the Albany City logo. :-)




About her- By Roslyn :p

Name: Alice Coachman

Home town: Alabany, Georgia 

Born: 1923 


Her full name is Alice Marie Coachman. She

had nine siblings. When she was sixteen 

she was granted a scholarship into Tuskegee

preparatory school.  

She is an American athlete.

She was amazing at the high-jump.

She was the first African- American olympic gold medilist.

In 1940 and 1944 she was unable to compete in the olimpics

because of world war ll.

In the summer olimpics of 1948, she leaped 1.68m for the high

jump finals on her first try!!!

Britains Dorothy Tyler, matched Alice's jump, but only on her

second try. Alice was the only African-American women to win

an olimpic gold medal in 1948.



 Timeline  By Adam

Alice is born                    1923


Alice joins                       1938

Madison High school


Alice is offered a             1939



Alice takes the                 1939

scholar ship, leaves

Madison, goes to

Tuskegee and joins their

Women's Track Program 


Alice graduates from        1943

High School and wins

the high jump and the 

50 yard dash for 

the Amateur Athletic Union 



Alice earns a                   1946         

degree in



Alice becomes                1948

the first black woman

to win gold in the














































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